Crack Open Our Annual Alcohol Issue

Our annual alcohol issue has just finished fermenting, and the print issue will hit the streets imminently, but why wait to uncork it? Download our digital edition free here now.


With holiday parties looming and menus to plan, we thought of this rich, frothy punch by mixologist Casey Van Heel of Rye Restaurant in Williamsburg. Light as a feather, yet decadent thanks to the upstate milk, this cocktail is more dessert than drink and perfect for filling guests’ glasses at winter gatherings.

Save Fort Defiance: Buy Junk Bonds Today!

Many of our friends in Red Hook, like St. Frizell, owner of the area’s much beloved cafe and bar Fort Defiance, are struggling to get their businesses up and running again. Frizell reached out with this plea for help rebuilding, which we thought we’d share:

EDIBLE GLIMPSES: Stomping Grapes in the Finger Lakes

Last week in the Finger Lakes, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation invited a few adventurous and strong-backed sommeliers and wine writers to help with the 2012 harvest as part of a new exchange and education program among New York wineries and city-bound industry professionals. Our very own Amy Zavatto, Edible’s wine correspondent, was one of those lucky few who got to stomp some grapes.