FROM OUR RECIPE ARCHIVES: Spiced Ginger Oatmeal Drops

There’s nothing like an icy cold gust of wind, soggy boots and snow on the ground to make us want to drop everything and bake. If you’re like us, turn on your oven and try this recipe for Spiced Ginger Oatmeal Drops from One Girl Cookies, which we profiled in our magazine last year.

Brooklyn Grange Loses Bees to Hurricane Sandy, Vows to Rebuild NYC’s Largest Commercial Apiary

When Hurricane Sandy’s surge waters attacked the Brooklyn water front, they didn’t just threaten human lives. More than a dozen hives on a pier in the Navy Yard served as the home base for NYC’s largest commercial apiary, the result of years of effort and a successful $22,000 Kickstarter project by Brooklyn Grange. By the time Sandy’s waters had receded, only a few of the hives remained. Most had floated away.


Apologies to our herbivore friends, but perhaps more than fireworks and beer, the Fourth of July brings to mind memories of one all-American pastime: grilling meat.

IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Fermentation Fever

In our current issue, Rachel Nuwer profiles fermentation fanatics who’ve learned to harness the wild microbes in our kitchens to make home-preserved foods funky, flavorful and good for your gut.