RECIPE: Sumac Vodka from 66 Square Feet

In our latest issue, we share the story behind Marie Viljoen’s new book, 66 Square Feet: A Delicious Life. More than just a recipe book, 66 Square Feet brings the reader into the life of forager, gardener, chef and blogger Viljoen who has gained recognition for producing elegant meals in a small urban setting.

IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: What to Do With a Heap of Mackerel

In our current issue Paul Greenberg, author of the James Beard-award winning New York Times bestseller Four Fish, recalls the time he caught 50 pounds of mackerel on a boat from Sheepshead Bay. Having no idea how to preserve the highly perishable fish, he called on the wisdom of the East and Far East and ended up with enough sushi and pickled fish to last two months.