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Cookbooks Our Editors Are Reading

Cookbook recommendations? We’ve got ‘em. Here are the books from which our editors are drawing their kitchen inspiration this summer. (An interesting trend: almost all of the cookbooks below are heavy on Mediterranean flavors and styles.) Head to the market for some tomatoes, slice them thick, douse them with olive oil and read on.

What We’re Attending: July 5, 2014

Not only are our CSAs in full swing (only a week or so away from the Annual Zucchini Wallop), but our calendars are also packed—incredible eating-and-drinking events are popping up all over the city and beyond. Here, our editors give you a sampler of what they’re attending.

shelter island bbq Amy Zavatto

What We’re Attending: May 24, 2014

Our editors share more of the events on their calendars — indoors and outdoors, casual and refined, uptown, downtown, out of town, and all delicious.