A Different Kind of Wine Pairing

pairingBy now you more likely know the meaning of the acronym CSA than of CNN. But a few ambitious South Williamsburg foodshed enthusiasts are tweaking the definition, making the pre-pay farm shares a little sweeter (or, if you prefer, drier). They’ve spun off from the well-established Williamsburg/Greenpoint group and, in addition to produce from MimoMex Farm up in Orange County, offer a local wine share.

After the group wandered in the Southside desert in search of a pickup point, Bridget Broadway, the local swill station, stepped forward with open arms and an added incentive. Bridget’s co-owners Greg Sandor and Paul Wegimont also happen to be vintners at Long Island’s Bridge Vineyards and proud proponents of local wine; members can choose from a red, white or mixed share, ranging from $216 to $360, and receive six sets of Empire State selections over three months.

“The whole point of a CSA is that you’re supporting farmers,” noted Esther Giangrande, the CSA’s wine share coordinator. (We’d always felt there was a little something in it for us, too.) “But vineyards need the investment just as much as [vegetable] farms.” Giangrande’s got big plans for pairing: “MimoMex grows really awesome squash blossoms that will taste great with a chardonnay.”

If chardonnay is not the first thing you think of when faced with a delivery of edible flowers, fear not: Each week’s box of produce will include a list of suggested wine pairings, and Bridget will host tastings on pickup nights so you can get tips on getting tipsy when you grab your tomatillos. New vino shares will start every three months, beginning in late June.

Editor’s note: Bridget Broadway has closed.




Jeanne Hodesh is a Brooklyn-based writer, eater, Greenmarket regular, and home cook. She grew up in the kitchen of her parent’s bed and breakfast on the Penobscot Bay in Maine where she squeezed fresh orange juice and fell in love with the rhythm of restaurants. An only child who used to amuse herself by telling tales, she always knew she wanted to write. She studied at Sarah Lawrence College, and upon graduation dove into the media-happy town that is New York City. After a year working for an art magazine company she realized people in the food industry have much more fun and always know where the parties are. She has written for Saveur, Edible Brooklyn, Edible Manhattan, Edilble East End, and Time Out New York. She started the e-newsletter Local Gourmands in the winter of 2008.