Steep, Perchance To Sip

sipMoim, Park Slope’s lovely Korean meditation, pours a libation sensation. The ginseng sojutini ($15) tastes like vodka and sake had a love child, but the drink requires neither shake nor stir —it’s nothing more than soju (Korea’s leading liquor, distilled from fermented rice) infused with ginseng.

Moim imports large, wise Ginseng roots from the mother country and steeps them in soju in a glass vessel atop the bar. Ginseng has long been prized for boosting memory, energy, and male stimulation, so the bartender recommends it on dates—though we find Moim’s pickled radishes, beef short ribs and stone bowls of bi bim bop enough to set our hearts to thumping.

Like revenge, the sojutini is best served cold, lest the “earthy” taste overpower American palates. Some say it tastes like dirt, others order three.