Lugging Your Low-Carbon Diet

This February 14th, make Mother Earth your Valentine with three little words: “fill ‘er up!” No, I don’t mean the gas tank of your SUV, not even the Ford Edge, despite its Marlow-plugging commercial.

I mean fill up your tote bag. Americans  use 60,000 plastic bags every 5 seconds and if your excuse for eschewing the reusable kind was some inability to sacrifice style, your shipment has come in. Two new Brooklyn-branded bags—conveniently the same number of shoulders on most folks—let you look good while you lug.

Fishs Eddy’s terrific tote is water resistant and downright wipeable. Plus it’s so damn cute, has a flat bottom, and is just $5.95.

On, or, ideally, in the other hand, Maptote makes a 100 percent calico cotton tote (sturdier than their incarnations available a year ago) that is a great geography primer. Quiz yourself on how to get from Canarsie to Coney, from Bushwick to Brownsville, or from Mill Basin to Midwood. $15,