Compostable Containers

compostThe Farm on Adderley‘s perfect french fries are the best in New York City. (Don’t take our word for it—even New York Magazine just knighted them so.) But like many advances in human history, these fine fries have created a new problem: what are you to do with those untouched-but-unctuous burgers left on your plate after you’ve pounded the fries? Sure, the burger, flipped with its longtime foil, for once plays the supporting role in which the frites are traditionally cast. And sure, by the time your appetite is back, that English muffin bun might be coated with some beefy film that was more appetizing in its hot, liquid state. But though you’re stuffed full of fries and think you’ll never eat again, this perfectly loveable burger should not be sent the way of steakhouse parsley sprigs.

Enter the Farm on Adderly’s new 100% biodegradable to-go containers. Leave it to owners Gary Jonas and Allison McDowell to mastermind such a farmy way to sate yourself twice. The standard-size box is sturdy sans styrafoam, and the accompanying clear clamshell passes for what you’d get tuna salad in at the deli, but without the multi-generational landfill commitment. Farm staff even swaddle your midnight snack in a completely biodegradable “plastic” bag, which makes carrying it home on the Q train a convenient truce.