Fertilizing Dandelions

dandelionAs the weather warms, everything ripens—including garbage. It litters the subway, overflows from street bins, and smells funky all summer. A year ago, six Brooklynites decided to diminish the stink by starting a compost project at the Fort Greene Greenmarket. Now, when you get your fix of Ronnybrook drinkable peach yogurt, you can deposit your food scraps in the bins, and by day’s end they’ll be happily decomposing at one of three nearby community gardens. A $600 grant from Citizens for NYC will fund an industrial tricycle to haul the compost to and fro.

Why go to all this trouble over some fruit-fly-bitten peels and rinds? Alice Hartley, one of the original six members, explains, “The last thing people want in the summer is rotting garbage. The stuff that smells is usually compostable, so this project helps eliminate a lot of unnecessary waste.” Smells good to us.

The Fort Greene Greenmarket is at Washington and DeKalb every Saturday. The compost bins are accepting donations 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.