An Olive Tree Grows In Brooklyn?

frankies 457No, global warming hasn’t yet weakened our winters enough to allow backyard olive trees. But Frankies 457 Spuntino, the low-key wine bar/sandwich shop/restaurant on Court Street famous for very excellent cheap eats, or as the Italians call them, spuntini, isn’t waiting for climate change. The two Franks (Castronovo and Falcineli) now have their own brand of olive oil made just for them (and, if you have $18, for you as well) from organic olives grow in Sicily that they fly over to select themselves. Explains the manager, Jenny, “people always want to take home our salad dressings, they always want to know the recipes.” The bright, fruity flavor (surely a secret ingredient in those dressing, dips, and sauces-we’ll know the rest when their cookbook is unveiled) and distinctive green color are signatures of the first cold pressing of exclusively green Nocellara del Belice olives. The oil will soon be available in 5-gallon containers for chefs who’ve been clamoring for it, and for you if you really want to impress your friends. Now if only they’d start bottling that soulful, slow cooked marinara.