NYC Neighborhoods by the Pint

Kim and Scott Myles were obsessed with the idea: an ice cream for every neighborhood in NYC. It started five years ago when the couple decided Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk had very little to do with their hometown. “That for us was always the inspiration,” says Scott, and it shows in their ingredients, too. “In the spirit of a city built on mom & pop shops (not Starbucks and Cold Stone!), we use local ingredients and handcraft our rich ice cream in small batches to ensure the taste we expect from the greatest city in the world. It’s our goal to learn about our neighbors and create some really kick-ass ice cream! We live here. For us, life is all about New York.” Names like Holy F’n Cannoli and Potholes & Cream indeed capture the essence of gritty Gotham. But the dairy ingredients thankfully come from the wholesome pastures of small upstate family dairies, which Kim and Scott see as cut from the same do-the-right-thing cloth as independent urban businesses. We couldn’t agree more, even if Kim and Scott are from the wrong end of the BQE. A fan letter from one Brooklynite cheered: “The fact that you took a dream and ran with it impresses the hell out of me. Go get ‘em!”

So what does Brooklyn taste like? The Bay Ridge-inspired flavor, Amaretto Amoré—amaretto ice cream with amaretti cookies and toasted almonds—showcases inclusions from Sahadi’s market on Atlantic Avenue. And watch for Strolla Granola (Park Slope’s flavor) coming soon. Kim and Scott’s company, 5 Boroughs, is working on city-wide distribution, including Sahadi’s, Foragers in DUMBO and Union Market in Park Slope. Download a pdf from their Web site and hand it to your local grocer to find 5B in your ‘hood.

Editor’s note: 5 Boroughs is now closed.