My Big Fat Brooklyn Wedding

wedding 1
One of our subscribers, Shoshana Inwood, was married on Sunday, September 17, at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, but from an edible perspective, the real party was Saturday night.

That’s the night her father threw a party in true Brooklyn style under the fig and plum trees at their home in Ditmas Park. Explained Shoshana, “My father is a foodie and does not believe in caterers. It’s physically impossible for him to hire one—even with 100 people coming to the house the night before my wedding.”

The food came from all corners of the borough, homemade empanadas from the cart outside the church on East 17th and Beverly; Uzbeki pastries from “the lady who rolls the dough and stuffs the pastry with meat, sweet potatoes and vegetables;” hummus, baba ghanoush, date-bulgur salad, olives and fine sweet meats from Kings Highway; and eggs and heirloom tomato salad from the Greenmarket.

On the barbecue went fillets from Staubitz’s on Court, and salmon from the family’s favorite fish store on Montague. Shoshana admitted that the whole lamb being roasted on the spit in the driveway under the grape arbor was imported—from Astoria.

The desserts reflected Shoshana’s mother’s Sephardic and Ashkenazi heritage: baklava from the Turkish café on Coney Island Avenue and rugelach, babkah and seven-layer chocolate cake from Avenue J.

David, the father of the bride, explained his fete: “This is a labor of love, of knowledge. We live in the most diverse zip code in the United States, 11230. I enjoy developing relationships with individual shopkeepers as if we are in Paris. In Brooklyn you really can do that because each has a specialty. Brooklyn has everything.

“I’m a child psychiatrist and I like to feed people. I’ve always believed in sensible and responsible hedonism, and that people should be nurtured with love and affection. Life isn’t always so good and easy. If you can come together and have a moment, you should, because you never know what’s going to happen.

“I’ve always told my children, there’s many shades of melanin but only one DNA. There’s many shades of earth but only one heaven. That’s why we’re happy to live in Brooklyn and have never moved.”

What does the bride think of all this? “She’s her father’s daughter. She can’t stop me.” And the groom? “He likes to eat.”

Shoshana’s mother baked the cupcakes.