Farmy Edge Flatbush Farm and Bar(n)

At Flatbush Farm and Bar(n), which opened late last month, you’ll find Sixpoint ales on tap and four-point pitchforks on the wall. Those two aren’t as mismatched as you might think. The new restaurant and bar celebrates Brooklyn’s food-producing past and present, from the borough’s 19th-century farming days as the country’s most productive agricultural county in the country to our modern-day network of artisanally crafted food and drink. The guys behind the project call it “farmy edge, a silly name for a real urban/rural juxtaposition” and it’s a match made in Brooklyn.

The two linked spaces are equal parts restaurant and bar, with a backyard where they plan to grow tomatoes. Especially on weekends, that backyard sprouts young urban professionals getting their drink on, but you won’t find a Corona, Amstel or Bud in the mix. “We just think there’s better stuff out there,” says Ben Daitz, who cooked at Rose Water and Saul and helped open Flatbush Farm. “We always try to be Brooklyn first, and then New York State.”

Owner Damon Gordon of Bed-Stuy explains, “without sounding corny, the idea is to do something nourishing for the soul.” The homestyle rustic cuisine takes a cue from Diner and Marlow and Sons, where the chef cooked before Gordon recruited him. In that vein, Gordon says the restaurant strikes a delicate balance: the kitchen uses the best quality ingredients, including produce from local farmers, but keeps the price point low and ensures diners leave full and satisfied. And although the menu showcases Berkshire pork, tuna belly, and escarole, he emphasizes, “This is not fine dining. We’ll tell you about our cheese plate, but we’re using brown paper napkins. It’s not stuffy.”

Striking an even trickier balancing act, Gordon is a vegetarian who hasn’t eaten fish or meat in 15 years. He says he has meat on the menu “for financial reasons” but won’t taste it. We recommend you do.