Brooklyn Cuisine: Media Darling

Are we at the epicenter of a culinary renaissance or what? Obviously the publication you’re holding knows Brooklyn food is newsworthy, but we’re not the only ones. The New York Times Magazine covered Greenpoint’s Acme Smoked Fish just weeks after our cover story on the operation, and the newspaper’s dining section echoed our summer feature on Red Hook’s taco soccer games with a feature on the same. New York mag’s recent restaurant issue was Brooklyn-biz studded, as was their annual “Cheap Eats” issue, right up to the coveted #1 spot. The current issue of Cook’s Country, the red-state-friendly version of the revered Cook’s Illustrated, features the famous recipe for Brooklyn blackout chocolate cake, accompanied by its apocryphal 718 origins, while Food Arts, the industry professional’s national monthly bible, features none other than our very own DuMont on their glossy cover.

Add to the blitz our new favorite competitor: Diner Journal. The gorgeous quarterly celebrates food built out of local bounty and opens with an emotional ode to fall’s produce penned by its genius Brooklynite matriarch. (Sound familiar?) And at $7.50, it’s only $7.50 more expensive than Edible Brooklyn.