Edible Brooklyn

The Magazine: Spring 2013

Grist for the Mill:
The Water Issue

This issue also includes some miracles, at least by my definition.

Notable Edibles:
Brooklyn Cooks Yield a Spring Crop of Books

Three New Cookbooks From Brooklyn Cooks.

Party Like It’s 999

Overlooking Atlantic Avenue, a portal to ancient Persia.

Urban Forager:
Watercress, Watercress Everywhere

But seldom safe to eat.

Righteous Oysters

An ex-Wall Streeter spawns a shell company.

Grow Your Own:
Flatbush Fig Farm

A family business takes root—and branches out.

Mermaid’s Garden

A CSA with fins.

Chef Speak:
Closing the Loop

Coming face to face with the unspeakable part of the nutrient cycle.

Gone Fishing:
Holy Mackerel

You’ve caught a mess of highly perishable fish. Now what?

Profiles in Greatness:
The River Café

A watershed moment.

Squid Pro Quo

How Americans developed a taste for one of the greenest ingredients in the sea.

Boldface Name:
Melissa Clark

One of the country’s most beloved food writers is Brooklyn-born, -bred and -based.

Red Hook Doesn’t Sleep with the Fishes

Fairway says fair-thee-well to Superstorm Sandy.