We’ve Giving Away Two Connoisseur Tickets to the NYC Craft Beer Festival on December 1

This is easy. Seriously easy. Tell us why you love craft beer in the comments section below and we’ll hook two lucky winners up with connoisseur tickets to the NYC Craft Beer Festival ­ Winter Harvest Edition on Saturday, December 1st.

This is easy. Seriously easy. Tell us about your favorite craft beer in the comments section below and we’ll hook two lucky winners up with connoisseur tickets to the NYC Craft Beer Festival ­ Winter Harvest Edition on Saturday, December 1st. The festival features tastings of approximately 150 American winter craft beers from 75 different breweries, among them Bronx Brewery, Southampton Publick house and Ommegang, with beer-worthy foods for sale. (The winners of our connoisseur tickets get a bonus hour of tastings before the masses arrive, plus access to a VIP lounge and free food.)

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  • Aimee

    Rogue Chipotle Ale – Because it’s almost impossible to find out here, which makes it that much sweeter when you do!

  • Sarit

    One of my new favorite craft beers is from the Good Nature Brewing Company- a Chamomile Honey Whitte.

  • Jennie

    Victory Prima Pils!

  • Jennifer Baron

    Hope to send my husband to the event – He deserves a beer for putting up with me!

  • Hannah Ratzlaff

    Harpoon 100 Barrel Ginger Wheat!

  • Pamela M

    Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

  • My favorite craft beer is “Garre Tripel” which is only available at De Garre in Bruges. The flavor was incredible, full bodied and balanced, but what made it most memorable was that this was the beer I had in Bruges.

  • The *first* beer I had in Bruges.

  • Brittany B.

    My favorite craft beer is Flying Bison Blackbird Stout. It’s made in a micro brewery in Buffalo, NY.

  • I’m visiting from Belgium and my favourite American craft beer so far is La Roja by the Jolly Pumpkin brewery. It’s a slightly sour amber that reminds me of some of the beer fermented in open casks back home. Top quality beer!


  • melissa

    My favorite is Ommegang Witte- an always solid, refreshing, and drinkable beer-wheaty with a bit of spice and a bit of citrus. Currently also obsessed with Goose Island Bourbon County Stout- thick, full of bourbon flavor with chocolate, coffee, vanilla deliciousness. My new favorite dessert beer!

  • joris

    I’m a fan of any well-crafted IPA that doesn’t have to travel too far. In NYC I look for Ommegang or Southern tier ales, and am always on the lookout for newcomers.

  • Ben Jenkins

    My favorite American craft beer this year has to be the Boat Beer by Carton Brewing Company from Atlantic Highlands, NJ. It’s crisp, flavorful, hoppy, and it’s low-ish ABV allows you to drink a few at a time without getting sloppy. It’s been described as “the IPA you can drink all day”. For me, it’s the beer of the year!

  • Jake B.

    The Defender – from Brooklyn Brewery!

  • Emily G

    This summer, I tried Lagunita’s IPA “Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale,” which I picked up partly because I enjoy hoppy wheat beers and partly for the funny name. I found this golden-amber beer delicious and refreshing because of it’s smoothness and pale malt flavor. It’s packed with hops, which produce its citrus aroma with a hint of spice. “Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’s” slight bitterness is balanced by its caramel sweetness, and the beer quickly became one of my new favorites.

  • Jana Montero

    I’m a crisp kind of gal and one of my favorite craft beers is from Shock Top. I love the apple crisp. Makes me think of fall, Thanksgiving, leaves, and all that other seasonal good stuff. Not to mention the cool label with the guy dressed in his fine glasses!

  • Jen

    Currently my favorite craft brew is Six Point – gotta support Red Hook after Sandy! Not like I don’t love their brews anyway…

  • Elana Carlson

    The Grey Lady by Cisco Brewer’s in Nantucket, MA. So refreshing and fruity- reminds me of summertime and hanging on the beach. All of the beer is brewed on the island. It is an awesome place to visit. -Elana

  • David

    Sixpoint Bengali Tiger

  • James

    I’m not sure how to answer…

    “Tell us about your favorite craft beer in the comments section below” – from this page

    My favorite craft beer is any one that comes from my stove/closet. I love homebrewing
    craft beers because they taste fresh and delicious.

    “Tell us why you love craft beer in the comments section below ” – from the email newsletter

    I love craft beer because it is a way to unwind with friends in cool bars and experience
    new flavors. I also love craft beer because it is an exciting hobby

  • Jay Ballesteros

    Big fan of Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.
    Crisp and delicious goodness!

  • Kate Murray

    My favorite craft beer is Dogfish Head Brewery, by far. I have toured their brewery in Milton several times and always had an amazing time! I feel like their willingness to experiment with beers and pushing the borders lead me to become more adventurous and try new and different beers. They had a beer at their brew pub in Rehoboth Beach called Goser the Gosarian that I still dream about.

  • Jeremy Glover

    Beer is one of the world’s oldest beverages, a there’s something about craft beer that makes you feel connected to that history. I’m not saying the people who brew Budweiser are all soulless machines, but the culture around craft beer is more rooted in things you can connect to on a personal level. And obviously, it tastes better!

  • My best craft beer experience has to be Dogfishhead’s 120-minute IPA. I had previously had tried their 90 minute and was in love. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to try the 120-minute at an event in Brooklyn and was basically floored. This was sippin’ brew! High-octane but hidden by it’s smooth, caramel malt flavor. You can tell there was was lots of love put into this fine beverage.
    It made me very happy!

  • Ben

    Sixpoint Autumnation!

  • april tucker

    I love Brooklyn brewery beer because it is locale, it from Brooklyn where I was born and it taste so good. That nothing like a pale ale fresh from the tap.

  • Madeline

    Shiner Bock!

  • Tyler Houston
  • Andrew

    Great Lakes Christmas Ale: a perfect mix of caramel malts, cinnamon, honey and ginger to
    ring in the holidays!

  • Tiffany

    I love craft beers’ sense of place. Especially when brewers use ingredients and conditions specific to their region to inspire or enhance seasonal products. Drinking craft and local beer goes hand-in-hand with supporting small farms and producers at the farmers’ market.

  • Solange

    I love the Brooklyn Local 1. The banana/clove flavor is has it refreshingly tasty and leaves a wonderful aroma. I would highly recommend this to anyone in search of a quality beer.

  • Even though I live in Brooklyn now, I’m originally from New Hampshire, so I can’t get enough Smuttynose. I’m particularly fond of the IPA because it’s super hoppy and strong. Cheers!

  • howie shroot

    My favorite Craft Beer is a pumpkin ale called Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin. I’ve been drinking beers my whole life and I’ve found that this beer is excellent, full of flavor and taste. It has a golden amber in color with a thin head that dissipates rather quickly.The aroma is of pumpkin & spices. The beer is not very thick and has good body. There is a very strong pumpkin flavor to the beer but nothing to overwhelming. Yes, this is my favorite Craft Beer, and even if you are not a traditional Pumpkin Ale drinker, I would still recommend giving it a shot.

  • Larry Lazarides

    I have 2 favorite craft beers. The first has been a long time favorite, which is “Mad Elf” by the Troegs Brewing Co., PA. It is a high alchohol content beer that is brewed with honey and cherries. It is well balanced and not too sweet for a fruit beer. The flavor of the cherries really comes through in the finish. Suprisingly the high alchohol content does not over power this brew. I usually get enough to last me for the entire year because it is usually only availible for a short time. Next on the list is “Saranac Pumpkin Ale”, which is made in upstate New York. Fantastic! Seems this year has been filled with a rash of pumpkin ales. I’ve tried about 10 of them. Saranac has a nice pumpkin flavor. It has a bold and natural pumpkin and spice smell to it. It finishes very smooth as opposed to some of the other pumpkin ales and the spice notes really enhance the flavor. They’ve done a great job with this one.

  • Seth

    Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point in San Diego – phenomenal beer! Hard to find in NYC.

  • Mike R.

    Brooklyn’s own SIXPOINT RESIN – If they named it “REASON”, I could give you a dozen why it’s my brew of choice.

    Think I’ll HOP over to the ‘fridge and grab one – right now!

  • lauran

    abita strawberry harvest lager. i wish they made it year round.

  • Ed

    Flying Dog’s “Pearl Necklace” oyster stout. Nice traditional stout made with actual oysters. The oysters bring a sweetness not a saltiness to the brew. Oh and the name is brilliaint.